Teenage activists deliver wheelbarrows of mud to Kellogg’s factory to protest ‘misleading’ health claims

The protesters carried wheelbarrows full of mud. Image: Bite Back 2030Research published by Bite Back 2030 found that 8 in 10 young people are led to believe cereal bars are healthy, but 81 per cent would get a red traffic light label.For example, the report found that Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut Bites, which were marketed as having ‘added goodness’ and ‘no artificial colours or flavours’, also had a third of your free sugars per 30g portion, and were rated amber for salt and saturates.Strawberry Fruit Winders, marketed as an ‘on-the-go snack’ were over a third sugar.

Millions of children could soon lose access to free school meals. Their families are quietly panicking

Hulu Kaopio-Camvel lives on the quiet, outer-Hawaiian island of Molokai, which is only 38 miles long and has a population of 7,000. All groceries come to the island via a barge. Since it’s the only option, residents often feel the shock of food prices, especially with inflation. And during the height of the pandemic and supply chain shortages, the boat sometimes didn’t even make it to shore. ‘Just to get a gallon of milk was crazy,’ she says. What used to cost $8.99 has now surged to $12.99 with inflation.

Families brace for changes to pandemic-era free school meals

ESSEX, Vt. (AP) — Before the pandemic, there was no room in the budget for Kate Murphy’s children to buy lunch at school. She and her husband would buy in bulk and make bag lunches at home. So the free school meals that were made available to students nationwide amid the crisis have brought welcome relief, especially since her husband lost his job last year at a bakery company that closed.The free meals gave the Essex Junction, Vermont, family one less thing to worry about.’We make just too much money (literally by just a few dollars) to qualify for free or reduced lunches and other food-related benefits, but not enough to truly ever feel financially comfortable,’ Murphy, a mother of four and administrator at a trust company, said by email.

Nissin Foods and Toyota Partner to Realize Well-Being for All Through Food

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Business Wire India
Nissin Food Products Co., Ltd. (Nissin Foods) and Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) have initiated an agreement to jointly foster human well-being through healthy eating. This proposed plan will explore using Nissin’s innovative food offering, based on the latest molecular nutritional science, to provide personalized, delicious, and healthy ‘Complete Nutrition Meals’ for Woven City. Woven City is being developed in Susono City, Shizuoka Prefecture on behalf of Toyota by Woven Planet, Inc.

This Eating Strategy Can Help You Sleep Through The *Entire* Night

Chances are, you know someone who’s had success with time-restricted eating (intermittent fasting), and is more than happy to tell you all about how it’s improved their energy levels, digestion, hunger levels, and immune response. Its effect on sleep isn’t talked about as much as these other benefits—but it could be just as noteworthy. Why time-restricted eating can support sleep. On a recent episode of the mindbodygreen podcast, mbg’s Vice President of Scientific Affairs Ashley Jordan Ferira, Ph.

Ceron Kitchen’s Siren Song: Muddled dishes served in an impersonal Alameda dining room

Our meal at Ceron Kitchen began with a complimentary amuse-bouche. Served in a soft-boiled egg cup, the server described the pale orange liquid as butternut squash soup. It tasted like a viscous, overly sweet, macaroni and cheese milkshake. Our mouths weren’t amused. It was an unpleasant start to a birthday celebration that continued, course after course, on a downward spiral.   Located on Webster Street, on the sleepier retail side of Alameda, the team behind Ceron Kitchen has resuscitated a hospitality vibe reminiscent of a Club Med.

How To Plan A Nutritious Vegetarian Meal For Your Pets This Summer

How To Plan A Nutritious Vegetarian Meal For Your Pets This Summer Wondering what to feed your pet this summer? If the summer heat has made them lose their appetite, here are some great cooling foods that can actually help to regain it. What you need to do is create a meal plan for your pets they will love. Keep a few things in mind before you plan a nutritious, vegetarian meal for your pets since it is important that they get the essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and supplements to lead a healthy and happy life.